What is the Booker T. Washington Empowerment Center?

The Booker T. Washingdon (BTW) Empowerment Center is a unique and cutting-edge solution to the challenges of limited to no access to the economic systems of the broader economy. The Kingdom Empowerment Center is a 21st-century approach to community empowerment by empowering individuals with skill sets and knowledge that will equip them for both the business world and work/career world by providing them with the tools and resources to either obtain employment or begin a business.

Why is the BTW Empowerment Center Necessary?

The BTW Empowerment Center is designed to help those who are underserved and struggling with employment, economic challenge, and entrepreneurship. The Empowerment Center is a low to no-cost solution to helping people get back on their feet by providing them skill set training so that they can live an affordable lifestyle. 

Who is the BTW Empowerment Center For?

The BTW Empowerment Center targets its service towards:
  • Those who are unemployed and need new and/or relevant skill sets to make them more employable. 
  • Those who are in career transition and need to either learn or enhance their present skill sets that match the focuses of the Empowerment Center.

What Does the Booker T. Washington Empowerment Center Offer?

The Empowerment Center will offer learners skill set trainings in the following areas:

Health Professions Training certifications:
1. Certified Nursing Assistants
2. Pharmaceutical Tech Assistants
Electrical Training:
1. Electrical wiring 2. Light electrical engineering
Technology Training:
1. Coding 2. Apps 3. Websites 4. Digital Technology 5. Digital Platform
Business and Entrepreneurial Training:
1. Financial Literacy 2. Business Basics 3. School of Entrepreneurship 4. Job Interviewing and Resume Writing (Job Readiness)
Counseling Services:
1. Anger management 2. DWI Counseling 3. Theft counseling 4. Marital counseling 5. Family Counseling
6. Crisis Counseling
Culinary Training:
1. Health & Nutrition 2. Cooking & Meal Planning Classes
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The Booker T. Washington Empowerment Center is a short-term solution for a long-term problem. Each of the 6 areas of empowerment are self-sufficient and offers quality service and training to those who are enrolled in their training courses. Each of the areas of the Kingdom Empowerment Center offers its own individualized certification that will provide you with the skill sets to get employed.

The BTW Empowerment Centers seeks partnerships with companies and corporations that desire a pipeline of future employees that creates a win, win, win situation. Our goal is not to only train the learner, but also to assist and help them land a job or kick start their own business. The Kingdom Empowerment Center is your short-term solution to a long-term problem!

The Carson Academy of Entrepreneurship

The BTW Empowerment Center is also the home of the Carson Academy of Entrepreneurship. The Carson Academy of Entrepreneurship is the brainchild of Dr. Dana Carson, who has had an entrepreneurial spirit since childhood, as he sold his parents food for profit off of their back porch. Dr. Carson comes from entrepreneurial parents who purchased real-estate and retired as they benefited from their investment. 

Dr. Carson came from entrepreneurial genes, which influenced him to obtain a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Wiley United Methodist College. He also focused on marketing and Management courses as he obtained a Master’s in Counseling and Guidance which deals with career choices. Dr. Carson also earned a Global Executive MBA from the very notable Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, where he also earned a major in Health Care Management. Dr. Carson in his entrepreneurial pursuit also earned an additional Master’s degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship from the University of Houston. Dr. Carson has utilized his business skills and training to plant thriving churches around the globe, to plant an international school in Kenya, to found the DCKM Leadership Training and Development Corporation, as well at the FD’s Restaurant (FD’s Famous Burgers and Chicago-Style Wings) that is known for its soul food cooking and the Fat Daddy Burger! Dr. Carson has founded multiple corporations and products, as well as having authored over 200 books. The Carson academy of Entrepreneurship was formulated as his Master’s Thesis Project, the School of Entrepreneurship.

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